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Review in No Depression by John Apice, Jan 2018

"Rick is an engrossing storyteller, much in the same mold as Tom Rush, Tom Paxton, John Sebastian."

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First review of the new album, Turning the World, aug 2017Billy Copeland listens broadly and deeply - check out his blog for musical discoveries. So glad he listened, enjoyed the tunes, and wrote and published this. Thanks to Jon Shain, FJ Ventre, Kaitlin Grady, Doug Hammer, Ed Butler, Chris Frank, Bill Newton for engaging with these songs and making them so much more than I imagined could happen.

"Rick Drost offers Much to the Heart, soul and mind in debut album Turning the World"

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Quote from David Hintz -

Tired of Americana? I know I am. Well turn to this, a true folk album with a universal style. Rick Drost may be from Cambridge, right next to Boston, but he sounds like he could be from anywhere singing to anyone. Although this is his first album, he has been writing and playing for decades. Now with more time to devote to music, he is putting it together in this fine little album. It has a light airy sound, but has smart and quiet accompanying players with a cello welcome as always. The atmosphere is attractive and the songs are thoughtful….

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Chris Pierorazio - percussionist, singer/songwriter, Baltimore
I've known Rick Drost for only a few years, and in that time I can honestly say that he has become one of my absolute favorite songwriters. His latest album "Turning the World" is absolutely stunning. His masterful lyrics (seriously, they are incredible) are matched only by his beautiful guitar playing. To listen to his songs is like sitting in a water-color painting of New England in the fall. I cannot say enough about this album. Do yourself a huge favor and get a copy right now.

From Volkert Volkersz, Librarian, Songwriter, Dublin NH

from his "Top 12 albums of 2017"


Rick Drost: Turning The World (2017). I met Rick at a Songwriter’s contest in Lowell, Massachusetts. He tied for first place. I loved his songs, and he liked mine, so we connected and have since run into each other at other locations. His songs are pure poetry, finely crafted lyrics evoking all kinds of memories, paired up with sweet melodies and very interesting fingerpicked chords. My favorite tunes on this album are “Don’t Remember Train,” and “Old Player Piano.”