Happy to host (and sing) at this ongoing Third Thursday online showcase with four songwriters singing half hour sets. Here's who's playing:

Marci Geller - marcigeller.com - Long Island, NY Deb Seymour - debseymourmusic.com - Seattle WA Mowesby - mowesby.com - Leominster, MA Rick Drost - rickdrostsongs.com - Cambridge, MA

Mark Abare cohosts and helps with the tech;


Dar Williams Retreat - Chester CT

 —  —

The Guest House - Chester CT

Returning for the July version of Dar Williams' "Many stars that Guide Us" Songwriting retreat in Chester CT.

Dar and the instructors and the participant analyze songs, provide songwriting tips and sing in Song Circles. Always a vibrant crew of folks from all over the country.

If interested go to darwilliamsretreat.com